Become a webflow epxert

How to become a Webflow expert in 2023

Whether you're an agency or a freelancer, if you create websites on Webflow, we'll show you how to become a certified Webflow expert in 5 easy steps.
Maxime MroueGrégoire Cornulier
June 26, 2023
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How to become a Webflow expert in 2023

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🔑 The key takeaway to remember.

5 steps to becoming a certified Webflow expert

  1. Publish 3 customer Webflow sites.
  2. Create a page to present your Webflow services.
  3. Pass the 4 "Webflow Experts Certification" exams.
  4. Apply to become a Webflow expert.
  5. Optimize your profile and communicate this new status.

Want to become a Webflow expert but don't know where to start?

Then this guide is for you. Here we will give you the method, the skills and the mistakes to avoid in order to become a Webflow expert in 5 steps. These are the same steps that enabled us to become one of the first French agencies to become a certified Webflow expert.

Whether you're an agency or a freelancer, becoming a Webflow expert will give you more visibility, more credibility, and therefore more customers.

So let's dive right in!

Apply to become a Webflow Expert
Source: Webflow expert

Expert Webflow: the 3 key requirements

Before you can apply for the Webflow Expert status, you must :

  • Have at least 3 Webflow customer site projects online.
  • Have a presentation page on your website to present your Webflow services.
  • Have passed the 4 Webflow University "Webflow Experts Certification" exams.

These three elements are required to submit a complete application to Webflow.

From step 1 to step 3, we explain how to successfully meet these three prerequisites. If you're already ready to apply, you can proceed directly to step 4.

Requirements for the Webflow Expert program
Source: Webflow expert and Webflow university

Step 1: How do I get 3 customer sites?

If you're a veteran, chances are all three of these projects are already published. To increase your chances, simply check that your websites comply with Webflow's rating grid before submitting your application.

If you're just starting out, you have two options for reaching the three Webflow sites in less than a month:

  1. Create "dummy" sites. Webflow doesn't require the site to be for an official client. Creating sites for fun will train you and help you build your portfolio.
  2. Find customers and ask to be paid only if they're satisfied. Even if you earn little or nothing, having those first customers will build your network and get you certified to justify much higher prices later on.

Don't forget, however, that direct experience with a customer is crucial to learning how to identify expressed needs and communicate effectively. And it's precisely this skill that will set you apart as an expert.

At the same time, practice is a crucial element in becoming a Webflow expert, allowing you to visually design responsive sites without writing code, work with a CMS system, and create custom content types. If you're always waiting for clients to show up, you'll never get to practice.

That's why we advise you to opt for a mix of the two solutions, as this will enable you not only to develop your technical skills, but also your customer relations skills.

Evaluation grid for customer sites to be submitted to the Webflow Expert program
Source: Webflow evaluation grid

Step 2: How do I create my portfolio site?

To become a certified Webflow Partner, you must have or create a landing page on your site that showcases your Webflow services before applying for partnership status.

Don't waste your time making a complex site. Don't get me wrong, a beautiful site with a sophisticated design is important, but it's not what's going to bring you customers in the first place.

A simple one-page site will do just fine.

Here's an idea for a quick and easy page structure:

  • A hero header with your value proposition
  • A sections of your work
  • A description of what you do
  • An explanation of your process
  • Your customer reviews
  • An FAQ
  • A contact form
If you'd like to see what it looks like visually, take a look at the home page of our Webflow RiseVerse Agency uses this structure.

Step 3: How to pass the 4 certification exams

To become a certified Webflow expert, you need to pass all 4 certification exams, achieving a minimum score of 88% in each.

Each test is independent, so you'll receive a validation certificate for each one.

Please note: you only get 2 chances per test!

If you are new to Webflow, we strongly recommend you to take the Webflow Experts Certification course to learn what it will take to pass certification, gain all the knowledge you need and increase your chances of becoming certified.

Here are a few other free tips that we've selected to give you the best chance of success:

To access the exams, click on this link: Webflow Experts certification exams.

The four certifications of RiseVerse Webflow Expert agency
Source: Webflow exams certifications of Maxime, RiseVerse's co-founder

Step 4: How do I apply?

Well, if you've followed this far, you now have 3 Webflow sites online, a page to present your Webflow services and your 4 certifications. You're ready to apply.

To apply, simply click on this link: become a Webflow expert and once on the page, click on "Apply now" and fill in the required information.

Step 5: How can I benefit from the Webflow expert profile?

If you are selected, congratulations! If not, don't be discouraged, as this is a fairly selective process.

If you're selected, Webflow will send you a form to fill in with some additional administrative information so that you can be listed on the Webflow experts page.

You can then create your Webflow expert profile like the one on RiseVerse :

To create a good Webflow expert profile that attracts new customers, remember these three key points:

  1. Write a short description that clearly explains what you do, how you do it and why you do it.
  2. Prove rather than assert. So armor your profile with social proof.
  3. A picture is worth 1,000 words. So make images that capture attention and exude your brand's authority.

Also, don't forget to share this profile publicly by sharing it on your social networks and add a Webflow Expert Certification badge to your website.

Webflow Expert profile of RiseVerse agency
Source: RiseVerse's agency Webflow expert profile

Tips to become a Webflow expert

Here are some additional tips that can help you become a Webflow expert:

  • Don't wait for clients to come and enhance your skills through practice.
  • Engage with the Webflow community.
  • Stay curious and up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.
  • Choose a niche to specialize in to set you apart as an expert.
  • Earn your Webflow expert status by committing to continuous skill improvement (even when you become a Webflow expert).

What are the advantages of becoming a Webflow expert?

Well, that's all well and good, but is it worth it? As you can imagine, if I'm writing an article about it, the answer is probably yes.

Being a Webflow expert offers many advantages for agencies and freelancers. These include:

  • Ultra-credible visibility: A page dedicated to your agency or profile on the Webflow Experts platform, with a link to your website, is not only stylish but also improves your SEO.
  • Privileged access to the Webflow Slack channel: That's right! When you become a Webflow Expert, you can join the big leagues and chat with other experts to get advice or even collaborate on big projects.
  • A “Professional Partner” badge: Needless to say, having such a badge as a guarantee of quality to display on your social networks and website can make all the difference to your competitors.
  • A 20% affiliate link on your customers' invoices, and that's no mean feat.
  • Privileged access to Webflow beta versions. Becoming a Webflow expert also means being among the first to test and implement new features.

At RiseVerse, we became a certified Webflow expert in July 2022. This has enabled us to increase RiseVerse's authority and visibility by reassuring customers of our skills and processes.

If you have any questions about the exam or the Webflow partner program in general, please don't hesitate to contact us via the chat by clicking on the link or using the bottom right widget.
The benefits and advantages of becoming a Webflow expert
Source: Webflow expert benefits

Why work with a Webflow expert?

Are you looking to hire an agency or freelancer for your Webflow project?

Then you need to know that choosing an expert who has been certified by Webflow is a guarantee of quality and competence to successfully carry out your Webflow project.

In the rest of this guide, we'll give you 4 reasons to work with a Webflow expert.

1) In-depth knowledge of Webflow's capabilities.

From design and development tools to integrations and workflows, a Webflow expert has complete knowledge of Webflow functionalities.

This effective mastery of the platform enables a Webflow expert to support his customers in maximizing the benefits they can derive from Webflow.

2) Design and development skills

A Webflow expert not only knows how to handle the platform efficiently, but also possesses solid design and development skills.

He or she is able to design outstanding, functional websites tailored to customer needs.

3) Experience in working with customers

Webflow experts are used to working with customers to design websites that meet their objectives and needs.

They know how to communicate and manage a project to respond quickly to customer requests.

4) Continuous learning and growth

A Webflow expert is a challenger who learns continuously to perfect his art.

He or she regularly keeps abreast of current trends and best practices in design and development to maintain expertise at a high level.

And if you're looking to work with Webflow experts on your website design project, you should know that our RiseVerse Webflow Agency offers a Webflow Web design service.

So don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

The key to becoming a Webflow expert

In short, becoming a Webflow expert is a multi-stage process that requires technical mastery of the platform, completion of 3 concrete projects, 4 certifications and a thorough application.

Customer experience is a key skill for excelling in your role as an expert, and you can build on your experience by working on new projects.

Becoming a Webflow expert offers many advantages: increased visibility, unquestionable credibility and a privileged connection with a community of experts. It's an investment not only in your career, but also in the quality of service you can offer your customers.

Finally, working with a Webflow Expert means working with a professional with in-depth platform knowledge, solid design and development skills, a proven customer experience and an ongoing commitment to learning and growth.

Your quest to become a Webflow expert could well be the turning point in your career path, so don't hesitate to take up the challenge!

If you want to elevate your online presence or just have some more information, contact us via the chat by clicking on the link or using the bottom right widget - we're here and ready to help you.

Become a Webflow expert: answers to frequently asked questions

1) How to become a Webflow expert

To be a Webflow Expert, publish three Webflow sites, create a service page, pass four certification exams, and apply on the Webflow Experts page.

2) How can I become a Webflow Enterprise Partner?

At least 5 certified employees of your agency must have passed the four Webflow Expert certification exams. You must also have at least 1 project on the Webflow Enterprise plan.

3) What is a Webflow expert and why work with one?

A Webflow Expert is a certified professional with deep Webflow knowledge, design and development skills, promising quality service and continuous learning.

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