Webflow vs Wix

Webflow vs Wix: Which one to choose? The full comparison for 2023

Webflow vs Wix: Compare SEO, price, ease of use and more to choose the best CMS for creating your new website.
Maxime MroueGrégoire Cornulier
June 23, 2023
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Webflow vs Wix: Which one to choose? The full comparison for 2023

Table of contents

🔑 The key takeaway to remember.

Features Webflow Wix
Ease of Use/CMS ⭐⭐⭐
- Slower learning curve
- More control over the site structure
- Collaborative and intuitive CMS once mastered
- Very intuitive interface via "drag-and-drop"
- ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) function that guides the creation process
Design and Customization ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- High quality, responsive and customizable templates
- Nearly infinite customization options
- 500 customizable templates
- Very limited customization options
- Less responsive and lower quality templates
- Inability to migrate a site or existing content from one template to another
Applications and Integrations ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- All-in-one solution
- Ability to integrate third-party tools and APIs
- 300 apps and integrations
- Varies the total cost
- Adding code makes the site heavier and increases loading times
Price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Higher prices
- Free "Starter" plan for each pricing category
- Less restrictive and richer offers for each pricing tier
- Lower prices
- No free plan
- Very limited basic plan
- Apps and integrations can increase the total cost quite quickly
Hosting and Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Fast and secure integrated hosting
- Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fastly ensure excellent performance and high reliability
- Integrated hosting and decent loading speed but not the fastest option
Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Automatic security updates
- Automatic backups
- SSL encryption, DDoS protection, secure hosting via AWS
- Automatic security backups
- Automatic backups
- SSL encryption, DDoS protection, secure hosting for all plans
SEO & Optimization ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- More advanced SEO
- Basic SEO
Community and Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Customer support via email and chat
- Webflow University Help Center
- Growing and engaged community
- 24/7 customer support via phone and email
- Help Center
- Active community

Not sure which platform to choose between Webflow and Wix? Then you've come to the right place.

Our in-depth guide offers a comprehensive comparison of both tools, covering aspects such as price, ease of use, integrations and apps, customization and more.

We want you to make the best choice, so let's get to the heart of the matter!

What is Wix?

Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder that lets users create professional-quality websites without any coding skills.

Founded in 2006, Wix is popular with small businesses, solopreneurs and individuals looking to create a professional online presence without investing in custom web development.

Introduction and presentation of the Wix CMS
Source: Wix

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a powerful web design tool that combines the flexibility of code with the ease of a visual builder.

Founded in 2013, it is aimed at designers and developers who want more control over the design, layout and interactions of their website.

Webflow has attracted leading companies such as :

  • Vice
  • Rakuten
  • Monday
  • TED
  • Dropbox
  • Greenhouse
Presentation and introduction to the Webflow no-code website creation tool
Source: Webflow

Ease of use and CMS

Wix interface

Wix is renowned for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which enables beginners to quickly create a website.

The Wix designer is easy to use, and the "Artificial Design Intelligence" (ADI) function can generate a first draft of the site according to your preferences.

Even if AI can guide you in your creative work, it doesn't replace the work and mind of a designer that make a website a real asset for your business growth.

Difference between the Wix dashboard and the Webflow designer
Source: Wix dashboard
Note that Wix has developed the Editor X which offers more options and possibilities in terms of design.

Webflow CMS

Webflow has a slower learning curve than Wix.

But once you've mastered it, the Webflow designer offers more advanced features.

Webflow's CMS allows you to create customized content types, dynamic layouts and greater control over site structure.

Webflow's multi-access management, combined with its simplified code via the designer, facilitates collaboration with your development teams.

Webflow designer compared to Wix dashboard
Source: Webflow University

Design and customization

Wix template selection

Wix offers over 800 predefined templates, which can be customized using the drag-and-drop editor.

Wix also boasts an extensive library of design elements, such as icons, images and fonts.

But the customization options are nowhere near those of Webflow, and Wix designs are not as responsive and high quality as those of Webflow.

But the biggest disadvantage of Wix remains the impossibility of migrating an existing site or content from one template to another. Once you've chosen your template, it's impossible to go back without starting from scratch.

Wix template library compared with Webflow template library
Source: Wix templates

Webflow template library

Webflow provides a more powerful design platform, giving you total control over CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

With Webflow, you can create fully responsive designs, animations and custom interactions.

Webflow offers a wide selection of over 1,500 high-quality, fully customizable templates.

Webflow's strength lies in its design tools, which give you almost infinite creative freedom.

Comparing Webflow templates with Wix templates
Source: Webflow templates

Applications and integrations

Wix apps

Wix has a vast app marketplace, featuring over 300 apps and integrations that can enhance your website's functionality.

You can find apps for social network integration, reservation systems, e-commerce, and more.

Beware, however, that adding plug-ins and apps makes the code more cumbersome and reduces your site's performance.

Wix integrations and Appmarket compared with Webflow
Source: Wix Appmarket

Webflow: an all-in-one solution

Webflow is an all-in-one solution. You can create almost anything without the need for additional applications and integrations.

This saves you time and boosts your site's performance by avoiding code bloat.

But if you're missing a feature for your site, Webflow supports custom code, allowing you to integrate third-party tools and APIs.

Webflow University also offers resources to help you connect integrations to your Webflow site.

Comparison of Webflow and Wix applications
Source: Webflow apps


Wix pricing and plans

Wix doesn't offer a free plan, but you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

Paid Wix plans start at €6.54 per month and allow you to connect your domain.

But several options are not included in this basic plan:

  • Storage space and bandwidth are limited to 500 MB and 1 GB respectively.
  • You'll benefit from visitor analytics, site booster and your own domain for just one year.
  • And last but not least, Wix ads are not removed.

Wix limits these basic options to encourage users to upgrade to the next level, without providing any additional functionality.

To benefit from the latter, you have to rely on third-party applications and integrations offered by Wix, not all of which are free.

So beware of Wix plans, which may turn out to be much more expensive than you expected!

Wix premium plans compared to Webflow price plans
Source: Wix premiums plans

Webflow pricing and plans

Webflow offers different categories of pricing plans to suit different needs, and for each offers a free "Starter" plan with limited functionality.

Webflow's pricing may seem more complicated and more expensive, but its offers are far less restrictive than Wix's, and give you real added value with each superior plan.

And lucky for you, we've got a detailed guide to Webflow's prices and plans !
Webflow price plans compared to Wix
Source: Webflow pricing plans

Hosting and loading speed

Wix hosting and performance

Wix offers hosting for all plans, with free SSL certificates and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fast loading times.

Wix sites are known for their decent performance, but they're not the fastest option available.

Wix hosting compared to Webflow hosting
Source: Wix hosting

Webflow hosting and performance

Webflow offers fast, secure hosting with SSL certificates and global CDN included.

Its hosting infrastructure is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fastly, guaranteeing top performance, reliability and security.

How Webflow hosting differs from Wix hosting
Source: Webflow hosting



Wix offers SSL security, DDoS protection and secure hosting for all plans.

It also offers regular automatic backups and a restore function to ensure the security of your website data.

Unlike Webflow, Wix doesn't offer built-in support for custom security headers, which can limit the options for advanced security configuration.

Wix website security compared with Webflow security
Source: Wix security


Webflow takes security seriously, offering SSL encryption, DDoS protection and secure hosting via AWS.

They also provide automated backups and allow you to revert to previous versions of your site.

Webflow offers more precise user permissions and access control. This feature allows website owners to assign specific roles, limiting team members' access to specific areas of their website.

This makes it possible to work on more advanced projects with large teams, while maintaining the highest possible level of security.

Webflow security compared to Webflow security
Source: Webflow security


SEO & Optimization

SEO with Wix

Wix has built-in SEO tools, including meta tags, customizable URLs and automatic sitemaps.

The Wix SEO Wiz guides you through the process of optimizing your site for search engines.

But the level of SEO optimization remains basic with Wix.

Difference between Wix SEO tool and Webflow SEO tool
Source: Wix SEO

Webflow Optimization and SEO

Like Wix, Webflow lets you customize URL slugs, meta titles, meta descriptions and image alt text. But it offers more advanced SEO features, such as custom meta tags, clean URLs and 301 redirects.

Webflow gives more advanced control over your site's HTML, CSS and JavaScript, allowing greater freedom in SEO customization.

The platform also integrates schema markup and automatically generates sitemaps for your site.

Webflow ensures excellent site loading speed and mobile responsiveness, enhancing your SEO performance.

Finally, the optimization process is more intuitive and less complex on Webflow.

Comparison of the Webflow SEO tool with the Wix tool
Source: Webflow SEO

Community and customer support

Wix Help & Support

Wix offers 24/7 customer support by phone and e-mail, as well as a comprehensive help center with articles, videos and forums.

The Wix community is active and ready to help you with any questions or problems.

Wix customer support and community compared to Webflow
Source: Wix customer support

Support and Webflow University

Webflow offers customer support via e-mail and live chat, as well as an extensive knowledge base in Webflow University.

The Webflow community is highly engaged, with forums, webinars and workshops enabling users to learn and collaborate.

Webflow client support compared to Wix
Source: Webflow customer support

Wix vs Webflow: pros and cons

Wix Avantages

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for beginners
  • Large market of applications
  • Affordable prices (with basic functionality)

Webflow Avantages

  • Advanced design and customization functions
  • Total code control
  • Powerful, intuitive CMS once mastered
  • Extensive template library
  • Fast, highly secure hosting
  • Advanced SEO capabilities
  • Precise pricing plan tailored to individual needs

Wix Disadvantages

  • Limited design flexibility
  • Average hosting and loading times
  • Less advanced CMS
  • Overall cost can rise rapidly

Webflow Disadvantages

  • Slower learning curve
  • Slightly higher price, but capped

In conclusion: Wix or Webflow?

The choice between Wix and Webflow depends on your needs, skills and goals.

If you're a beginner looking for an easy-to-use website builder with lots of templates and applications, Wix is a great choice.

But if you're looking for greater control, more advanced design features and a high-performance site, Webflow remains the best option.

Its intuitive CMS and numerous built-in functions will save you time and money in creating high-impact, professional websites.

If you still have any doubts and would like some help, don't hesitate to contact us via the chat by clicking on the link or using the bottom right widget.

FAQ: Webflow vs Wix

1) What are the main differences between Webflow and Wix?

Webflow offers advanced design and customization, targeting experienced users. It provides precise SEO control. Conversely, Wix is easier to use, primarily for novices, and offers basic SEO functionality.

2) Which is more affordable: Webflow or Wix?

Webflow has a free starter plan and more expensive ones. Wix's plans, while simpler, may require added cost from third-party services. Affordability depends on your specific needs.

3) Which to choose for SEO: Webflow or Wix?

Webflow offers better SEO and optimization features than Wix. Wix's SEO capabilities are more basic. If SEO is your priority, Webflow would be the better choice.

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